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Proficiency Companion Pistol To I.T.A’s (International Training Academy) Handle and use of a Handgun Unit Standard 119649

For those starting on the journey of licensing your first firearm:
The Firearm Proficiency Certificate is the first step to qualifying for your firearm competency. This can be a daunting task, especially those of us that that hate writing exams.

The ACT Proficiency Companion will make qualifying for your certificate a lot less stressful. Our experienced Trainers have made use of visual and audio aids that will make learning and understanding the material much easier.

Trainer Bio: John Elverson

John Elverson is a trainer with a strong drive for helping good people to protect themselves.

He joined Multidimensional Warriors ten years ago to learn blade and tactical baton skills. Through training with Multidimensional Warriors, he learned of ACT personal Safety which started him off questioning the teaching methods he learned as a firearms instructor. 

John combines his experience as firearms instructor and his training in personal safety tools to help design and teach courses as part of the ACT Personal safety team.

What you need:
– A stable internet connection
– Pen and Pad
– The Handgun proficiency book (This is provided by Firearm training provider that will do your proficiency) (Recommended)

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