Special Tactical Baton Training for Women (Includes Baton)

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This is a Personal Safety 4 part online Course Plus Tactical Baton 21”

Grab our Tactical Baton Training for Women & Tactical Baton 21inch

For those women that like to find out about Safety Tools. Starting with the most effective tool, Tactical Baton.
We at Personal Safety have developed a 4 part online course to help you understand where the Tactical Baton fits in. To give you ways of practicing so that it becomes a simple and personal safety tool for you.

The Extendable Baton is an efficient weapon for self-defence purposes. The length of the baton gives you the power to use it at a distance and yet remain out of easy reach of the attacker. With one quick flick of the wrist the Extendable Baton is open in one second. This solid steel baton has a handle that is made from molded foam making it easy to grip and hold on to. It is 21″ when fully extended.

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