Proficiency Companion Pistol


Firearm Proficiency Companion
I.T.A. ‘s (International Training Academy) Handle and use of a Handgun Unit Standard 119649

For those starting on the journey of licensing your first firearm:
The Firearm Proficiency Certificate is the first step to qualifying for your firearm competency. This can be a daunting task, especially those of us that that hate writing exams.

The ACT Proficiency Companion will make qualifying for your certificate a lot less stressful. Our experienced Trainers have made use of visual and audio aids that will make learning and understanding the material much easier.

This hour and a half virtual course that you can do in the comfort of your home on either your computer or your cell phone.

Module 1: Law
Module 2: Safety
Module 3: Parts and Functions
Module 4: Fundamentals
Module 5: Loading and Unloading
Module 6: Ammunition
Module 7: Malfunctions and Maintenance

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